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The French Patisserie offers upscale, gourmet alternatives for food service applications.

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Building on 30 years of experience producing high-end desserts for some of the finest hotels and restaurants in the country, these fine products are made only with the highest quality ingredients.

Started in San Francisco in 1989, The French Patisserie has, for over 20 years, been situated ten miles south of San Francisco in the scenic coastal community of Pacifica, California. It is here in our modern facility where our talented team transforms whole butter, cream, fresh fruits, and imported chocolate into delicious desserts.


Our bakery boasts the latest in food safety programs such as SQF Level 2  Audit, Military Sanitation Audit, and HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) methodologies including Recall and Trace-ability from raw materials to shipped goods.








The facility is continually upgraded to benefit from the latest in technology and food safety equipment such as temperature monitoring and metal detector devices to best ensure the health and safety of those who enjoy our desserts.


Once created, our desserts are cradled in our custom made and proprietary packaging to ensure the integrity of each item. The packaging not only maintains the presentation of the products, but also safeguards the dessert moisture, textures, and flavors from outside factors such as freezer burn and odors.


Our desserts are shipped frozen to distribution and wholesale points in the U.S. and abroad.

The French Patisserie and Looka Patisserie desserts are created by Frank Spasic, who was raised in Paris, France where he came to appreciate the finest French cuisine. After training as a chef at the Ferrandi in Paris, Frank gravitated towards being a patissier. During a trip to California, Frank was inspired to bring his dessert concepts to the Bay Area, moved here permanently, and together with his wife, Marta Spasic, founded The French Patisserie.


Frank's culinary background and Marta's business training are the foundation of The French Patisserie. Above all, the appreciation of the finest cuisine is paramount to the company's success.